Billing / Time Recording

Timely work begets timely payment.

Track your billable items as they happen rather than trying to put everything in at once when creating your bills. Keep a list of billable items by service or time units from which you can pick and choose to generate a bill listing each and every billable item to your desired format. Stay on top of things with the ability to send and track reminder letters to clients on overdue payments.

Other features:

  • Draft quotation
  • Multiple levels of payment rates for each fee earner
  • Generate SRO-compliant Loan & SPA bills with our Bill Wizard
  • User-definable periods in Aging Report
  • Statement and Reminder Letters for oustanding bills
  • GST/SST-compliant Bill formats
  • Select disbursements inccured from Advance list during billing
  • Import cost recovery-related information like Softlog & nQueue Billback
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