The Aranea Way


Assessment & Planning

After the first rounds of communication are established, we’ll send a representative to meet you. We’ll start by finding out your accounting practices, the machines and systems you use and generally getting a good feel of how you run your company.

Solution Design & Initial Training

Here’s where we begin designing the first iteration of our solution for you. Based on what we’ve learned about your company, we’ll tailor our modules and calibrate our settings to fit the exact way you do business. Once we’re done, you’ll get to try out prototypes and see if any more work needs to be done. At the same time, we’ll provide essential training for your staff to get them acquainted with SpiderLaw.



After your first taste of SpiderLaw, you may want some things changed. Or perhaps you want an entirely new feature designed just for your company. That’s perfectly okay – customization and enhancements are no strangers to us. We’re always open to your suggestions and ideas!

Further Development

We’ll continue to work on your solution and implement the changes you suggested. We’ll make sure everything is up to scratch and fulfils your requirements before moving on.


Deployment Support

And it’s finished! We’ll begin rolling out SpiderLaw to your office, do some final adjustments and finish up the last bit of training. But that’s not the end of it – about a month after deployment, we’ll check back on things – we’ll never leave you hanging!

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