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Aranea WebLab is a Malaysian company founded in 2000 with a singular goal of providing efficient solutions and services to improve the performance of law firms. Because we believe technology should make our lives easier, our solutions are tailored solutions to fit you rather than the other way around. We highly value close cooperation with law firms at all stages to create customised solutions to answer their unique needs. By fully understanding our client’s needs right from the start, we ensure that our customers will receive solutions that cater to their every need.

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Need help managing your law firm? We’ve got your back.

SpiderLaw is a highly flexible legal management solution that handles all aspects of a law firm's operations - from substantive matter information to keeping tabs on the firm's finances to employee management, complete with the associated reporting functions.

Built with input from a diverse team that includes practicing lawyers, software developers, accounting experts and consulting engineers, SpiderLaw is used by law firms such as Cheang and Ariff and Tommy Thomas, among many others across Malaysia. Spiderlaw is widely hailed by its users for significant savings in time, cost and manpower since adopting the system.

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Tan Aik Jin is Aranea’s Chief Application Developer and one of the original founders of the company. Responsible for the creation of SpiderLaw, he manages the product offerings of Aranea and enforces service standards to client law firms. He devotes his time to researching new features and functions for SpiderLaw and leads his team of product consultants to deliver training and support to clients.

Spending several years at a software development company and as an independent application developer prior to founding Aranea in 2000, Jin’s foresight, experience and insatiable interest in the legal industry resulted in the creation of SpiderLaw, and his constant improvements to the system has turned it into the comprehensive and efficient system that SpiderLaw is known for today.

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